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Andreea Milgram

Andreea Milgram moved to New York City in 2010 from Bucharest, Romania to study Economics and Tax Accounting. She started working for Marco after college as an accountant and a year later, when she was only 23, she took over all accounting and finances for both his restaurants, Favela Cubana and Calle Dao.

Seven years later, she knew the restaurant industry well and had developed a passion for hospitality. Being an avid traveler, she loved trying new restaurants around the world and learning about different local cuisines. Her and Marco always talked about opening another restaurant together and she finally convinced him to go back to his roots and work on an Italian concept. She calls Italian food "soup for the soul" and everyone's happy place. They found the right real estate, had the perfect chef and decided to go for it despite the global pandemic and the very competitive market in NYC. 

Andreea always thought hospitality provides the perfect balance between social and professional life. She loves the daily surprises and challenges and the opportunity to meet new people everyday. Early days and long nights can get tiring but there is nothing she can't handle after a double espresso in the morning and a glass of wine at night. She loves New York City and being a part owner at an Italian restaurant in SoHo is nothing short of a dream. 

Her favorite dish on the menu is the Cacio E Tre Pepe. She considers herself a Cacio E Pepe connoisseur and makes a point to try it at a new restaurant every time in Rome.

For her next venture she likes to try a French concept since her father was French and she grew up with the French influence all her life.