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Joy Daniel


Joy Daniel is the Beverage Director for some of New York City's most sought after establishments including Favela Cubana, Calle Dao (Chelsea and Bryant Park), Mareluna and Flatiron's latest addition, Erbaluce where she is responsible for creating and directing their innovative cocktail programs and wine lists. 

Joy immigrated to New York City from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and has been in the bar scene for over 20 years now. She is passionate about spirits; putting flavors together, experimenting with new ingredients, and of course, garnishing and decorating to perfection. What makes Joy's cocktail creations really standout is her way of infusing spirits and syrups to really elevate the taste and take it to the next level.

Her background and passion for mixology is the main force behind how she chooses wine and curates cocktails for each venue across the board. She makes a point to always use some of the ingredients that are already in house and used by the kitchen so regardless of restaurant concept and region, you’ll find something that pairs perfectly with every menu item in every season of the year.

Previously, Joy was the mixologist for Britti Café, Legamin, and Cubana café.